Current Opportunities

Alumni Mentor

Volunteer to answer students’ questions about the application process, personal statements, residency and general advice and wisdom.

Conference on Career Choices in Medicine: Be a Panelist

The Conference on Career Choices in Medicine is a one-day event that provides an informative and spontaneous forum for medical students to learn about their professional choices after graduation. Panelists offer insights and advice about their specialties and answer students’ career related questions. Participating as a panelist is a wonderful opportunity to interact with medical students and reconnect with fellow alumni from the UCLA medical community.

Specialties Fair Luncheon at UCLA

Represent your specialty by giving advice to UCLA medical students who are curious about your typical day at work. Join us at the Specialties Fair Luncheon where you will meet with students during lunch for a casual conversation about your medical training and how you made your career decisions. This event is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other alumni and give back to the UCLA student community.

MAA Reunion Class Representative

Class representatives reconnect with classmates by making phone calls to encourage attendance at their class reunion. It’s easy and fun! Don’t miss the opportunity to ensure that your class reunion is a memorable experience.

MAA Outreach Committee

Co-chaired by Wade Aubry, M.D. ’77 and Ben Cowan, M.D. ’75, the Outreach Committee oversees all efforts to unite alumni through regional events, community outreach, and mentoring activities.

Committee members help recruit speakers and attendees, determine appropriate program handouts, and review and assist with event logistics. They also periodically audit the MAA Website and make recommendations.

If you would like to serve on the Outreach Committee, please contact us.

UCLA Mobile Clinic Project

Now in its tenth year of service to the homeless and transient communities of greater Los Angeles, the UCLA Mobile Clinic Project (MCP) is a student-run clinic made up of graduate students from the Schools of Medicine, Law and Public Health, as well as undergraduates who serve as caseworkers. There is an extreme need for volunteer health care professionals to assist the students who are working to provide the care. If you are interested in volunteering as an attending physician or donating to the cause, please call 310-825-4600 or visit